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Application development firms have historically licensed clients, but many businesses are now moving to an application-as-a-service system. Facebook marketing tools, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms help you to find potential clients. Using automated tools, AI-powered solutions, big data analytics and a personalized approach provide marketing teams with a variety of benefits.

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CPI OpenFox develops software products and solutions for the law enforcement community. Its mobile app, CLAW, allows real-time access to critical information for police who don’t have access to a computer, whether that’s because they’re undercover or because they’re on horseback. Many of the world’s most pivotal tech companies are rooted in software. As a highly versatile set of instructions and data, software can be used to drive innovation across a wide range of industries.

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Because you can do what you do almost anywhere, which means your audience is pretty geographically dispersed. That doesn’t mean you’ll be marketing worldwide, but you may be marketing across the entire US, or across several states within the US. Because content is fundamental to essentially all marketing methods. You may have noticed that a very common method, content marketing, is not on this list. They answer the 3 questions at too high of a level to be meaningful for marketing purposes.

One of the few ways to get your company noticed is to get personal. Tell the potential clients your story and help them resonate with it. Show how special you are since you are a company with history, not just another company with a dozen certified experts. It mostly relies on the use of brochures, flyers, and other printed materials.

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Analyze what other companies are doing within your own industry, and develop unique and more powerful stories than those already out there. Participate in relevant events, trade shows, and business fairs to attract new clients. Tell us more about your business needs to help us serve you better. The more detailed information will allow us to route your inquiry to the most appropriate person in our team. Customer-focused material to maximize the effectiveness of your reach.

Create a positive image of your team’s skills by welcoming consumers with valuable content and appealing design. In the world of software development, there is no shortage of competitors. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/areas/marketing-and-advertising/ But if you’re willing to put in the work, you can get the results you want. For more on how to develop a social media style, we recommend a great read from Hootsuite.

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10Pearl has built software for brands National Geographic, MedStar Health and more. 8base’s App Builder hosts an extensible UI/UX component library, branding controls and application state management controls for making customized web and mobile applications. Work & Co. designs and develops digital products for a broad range of brands. The agency’s capabilities include product strategy, information architecture, API and CMS development, post-launch optimization, and rapid prototyping.

  • Use your advantages such as software and hardware capabilities, location, personal, and others to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • When it comes to IT outsourcing, this important industry is judged according to successful projects and high-profile clients.
  • Leverage our ten-year expertise to create a solid software foundation for your business.
  • Efficient software can monitor key performance indicators (such as unique visitors, leads, generation costs and return on investment ) and identify patterns and potential growth opportunities.

Many tech companies are making the mistake of jargoning their technical communications with their clients. The only thing that matters to market your software development company is that the reviews and social proofs are all on the positive side. The best thing about posting a testimonial is that you have full control over which testimonials are to be selected. If you know who your targeted set of audience is, then further marketing strategies shall be based on that to drive more traffic to your sales ratio. It is very crucial to know not only the individuals who will use your software but also the buyers as well. As a perfect example of virtual reality in marketing, Mirinda VR is an immersive desktop application with gamification features for Oculus Rift that uses virtual reality technology.

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You can also use this strategy online, and offline to generate a variety of leads with very limited cost as the pockets are shared. Program-Ace is an R&D and innovation-oriented software development company with 30 years of successful track records and vigorous growth on the IT market. While it may be easy to write tech-filled posts on LinkedIn, Reddit, or Medium, you need to go further to master the rules specific to this particular platform.

Slalom also specializes in customer experience strategy, new business model and concept development, process optimization and more. Carminati Consulting is an IT consulting firm and software company that develops applications for a wide range of solutions. Their specialties include custom software development, systems and data integration, project management, predictive analytics and data warehousing development. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ Carminati Consulting also offers software solutions for healthcare organizations such as immunizations tracking, surveillance testing and insurance contracts simplification. Vokal is dedicated to helping brands research, design and build digital experiences. Some of Vokal’s most notable past projects include developing click-through prototypes on behalf of Bosch and creating an app for consumer brand Contigo.

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MojoTech is dedicated to delivering cloud-native software solutions. Their capabilities include full-stack engineering, website development, cloud migration, iOS and Android app development, rapid prototyping, workflow design, and process development. Additionally, MojoTech specializes in telemedicine software, design sprints, and digital transformation. Your target market is a group of audience to whom your products and services are most relevant. They are the ones who are more likely to benefit from your software development company.

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An efficient way to run an email marketing campaign is to use drip marketing. A strong and vigorous online presence will come slowly and moderately. So it is necessary not to abandon your SEO efforts just because you don’t see any immediate outcomes. In your blog, try to post some interviews of thought leaders within your industry or new tutorial guides to use certain software.

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Working with DevOps, SRE and cloud platforms, RapDev is committed to innovating tech via open source and makes many internal projects and codebases publicly available on its GitHub code repository. While sharing product updates, industry news, and occasional promotions to your core customers, remember to include social sharing buttons at the foot of every newsletter. By doing so, you will allow the readers to share your content on whatever social media platform they want.